Beautiful Nightmare 

Empty room filled with darkness
Whispering voices saying stay away
But I can't restrain my curiosity
Behind the door
I see his shining emerald eyes
Through the storm
I hear his voice in my mind
Dead he is to the living
Alive is he in my visions
Lost am I in his affections
With his kiss so cold
He has a death hold

On me

Angel of darkness
With the purist of skin
He calls me to him
I take him in
Love and hate
Combined in one union
Oh how I love my immortal demon
He quenches my thirst for desire
As he caresses me with his fire
In a world of fools, I sit and wait
Tonight I shall visit his hellish gates

Lover's Revenge

Gabriel's Thrown


The Vampress

Red water filled up in the tub

One girl dead by slit of the throat

No suicide attempt because there's no note

Cut her open

Serve her parts real nice

The queen likes her lady meat marinated in sugar and spice

Tonight it's bath time

Slice them up like chicken nuggets

Got the maid chained

Time to fill the buckets

A tale of the original sin

No telling when she'll send her men to kill again

Sounding his horn while on his throne

He sits waiting to take another soul home

To the place of skull and bones

A world where existence of humanity is unknown

No names known there 

Emptiness surrounds the atmosphere

A black hole my soul will be buried here

When Gabriel drops me 10 feet from the sky

Is when my existence shall die.

Raven Queen

A woman so cold sits alone

Black wings of onyx stone

Darkness burns through her eyes

As she turns down every suitor ever known

Nothing but hate she feels 

Towards herself and many that surround her

Death is her only lover

Pain is her closest friend

Her kingdom shall forever be guarded by demons and reptilians

When she thinks your time has come

When your days are through

She'll swoop down and devour you.

Smiling Corpse

Laying Silently

Hoping someone can hear their screams

Frozen for eternity

Dead to a world they've once known

Reasons why they're there

Are answered in silent moans

Still and silent

An aftermath of dying

They all seem to be smiling

There are no worries now

No sense in crying