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The Demon Resides In Her by Keya Reed

“We should return home now,” John told his granddaughter, who did not seem to be in any mood of budging from the jewelry store anytime soon.

“What! But it’s just been an hour, Grandpa. I have yet to shop for clothes.” Susan exclaimed.

John gave her a tired expression and said, “Darling, I think you’ve forgotten that your Grandpa is an old man now. I can’t walk any further. Besides, we’re getting late for dinner. You don’t want to make your mother angry now, do you?”

“Fine!” Susan huffed and walked with John to make payment. As their payment was processing, a necklace on a nearby shelf caught Susan’s eye.

“Can you please show me that one?” She asked the salesperson with excitement rushing in her voice.

“Of course, ma’am.” The salesperson took out the necklace and handed it to her. Susan looked at the necklace and found it really beautiful.

“Look, Grandpa! Isn’t that beautiful?” She held the necklace in her hand and called John. Her eyes were gleaming with joy. It was one of those rare times when something really attracted her at first glance.

John was handing the cash to the cashier when he heard her granddaughter call him.

“C’mon, Susan. I’ve paid the bill. We’ve got to….” He froze at sight in front of him. It was the same necklace.

“I have to get this one!” Susan exclaimed, but before she could hand it over for payment, John snatched the necklace from her hand and placed it on the counter.

“We’re done shopping. Let’s go now.” He said abruptly and grabbed her hand to pull her out of the shop.

Susan got a little shocked at his sudden changed demeanor but didn’t budge. “Look, you promised you would get me anything that I wanted. C’mon, It’s my 17th birthday!”

“You can buy anything else that you like but not this necklace.” John wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

“But why? It’s not like the necklace is very expensive. I’ll buy it for myself.” Just as she was about to take out money from her wallet, John pulled her hand and dragged her out of the shop.

“It’s time to go back home. We’re running late.” John said as he walked to the car with his granddaughter.

“I really liked that necklace, Grandpa. What happened to you all of a sudden?” Susan was confused as she had never seen her grandfather so perturbed over something. She knew that something had triggered him and wanted to know what it was.

“I just started feeling a little unwell. That is it.” John tried to finish the conversation as he wanted to wipe that image of that deadly necklace from his mind. He sat inside the car and waited for Susan to get in.

However, Susan had always been smarter for her age. She sat inside the car and spoke, “That is not true. You can tell me about it, Grandpa. What is the story of that necklace? You know I’m not going to stop until you speak about it.”

She won’t. John knew his granddaughter very well. He hesitated for a bit, then said, “That necklace… it is capable of something so horrible.”

“What?” Susan was bewildered. How can a mere necklace be capable of something bad?

“It reminded me of the demon’s necklace.” All those horrible memories came crashing down on him.

Susan was taken aback by his answer.

“The demon’s necklace? Can you please elaborate, Grandpa? I want to know more about it.” Susan pressed him for details.

John thought for a second while driving. He didn’t want to go back to that time, but he knew his granddaughter could be very stubborn.

Susan was looking at him with anticipation. After a while, he began telling the horrific tale.

It started back in 1985

It was the first freezing Friday of December in Collinsvale. The man was digging up another grave for the day when he noticed something on the ground, and his hands stopped. It was a ruby necklace. He picked it up and brushed the dirt off it. Although it was a simple chain with a ruby stone in the middle, the gravedigger couldn’t help but find it really pretty. “This would be the perfect gift to give Alicia on her birthday tomorrow.” He grinned at the thought.

His daughter, Alicia, was very fond of jewelry and would always ask him to buy rings or pendants. However, due to his low income, it was difficult for him to make ends meet, let alone buy any luxuries. He placed the necklace securely in his pocket and resumed his work. Once his shift ended at the cemetery, he packed his stuff and made his way towards home.

As he reached, he rang the doorbell and waited for someone to open the door.

The door opened, and the sight that greeted him was of his very excited daughter. She jumped into his arms as soon as she saw him.

“Hi, daddy! You remember it’s my birthday tomorrow. I want a very special gift this time.” Alicia demanded.

“You’re going to love what I’ve got for you this time, but you have to wait for it till tomorrow. Now, go and tell your mother that I’m home.” Alicia’s eyes flashed with excitement as she got down and ran towards the kitchen where her mother was cooking dinner.

Gretchen had already heard the father-daughter conversation. She put the pan on low fame, wiped her hands with a towel, and went outside the kitchen to meet her husband.

“Hi honey, did you pay the electricity bill?” She greeted him with a kiss and asked him the question.

“Yeah, I did,” Martin answered and continued removing his jacket and shoes.

“You know, you should not give Alicia any false hope. Now, she’s going to expect a special gift tomorrow, and we got nothing for her.” Gretchen said with disappointment.

“I’ve got it covered. Look!” Martin took out the necklace from the pocket of his jacket and held it in front of his wife. “Isn’t that beautiful? Alicia’s going to love it.”

Gretchen stared at the necklace for a while and took it in her hand. For some reason, she was getting a negative feeling looking at it. “It is. Where did you get it from? Was it cheap?” She asked.

“Don’t worry about it. Just put it inside a clean box and wrap it with a ribbon. We’ll give this to her tomorrow.” He said and walked towards his room to take a shower.

The next day arrived, and Alicia could be seen jumping from here and there with excitement. She couldn’t wait to get her gift and kept asking about it after every few minutes. Finally, as she cut the cake, her parents handed over the black box with a red ribbon to her.

Alicia opened the box with her heart bursting with joy. As soon as she saw the necklace, her face erupted with sheer delight.

“I love it. I love it. Thank you, daddy.” She could barely contain her happiness.

“I got it specially made for my beautiful daughter. Now, wear it and show me.” Martin lied to his daughter just to add more to her happiness.

Alicia quickly wore the necklace and went to see herself in the mirror. Martin and Gretchen were happy to see their daughter happy. This day had been a success.

As the night grew darker, they all retired to their beds. Sometime in the middle of the night, Gretchen woke up hearing some commotion from outside. She frowned when she looked at the time. It was 3 in the morning. Who could be awake at this time? But before she could contemplate more, she heard a blood-curdling scream from her daughter’s room.

She got up from the bed frantically and ran towards her daughter’s room. As she opened her bedroom door, she saw Alicia sitting on her bed in an upright posture staring at the wall. Her eyes were so blank that they terrified Gretchen for a moment.

“Alicia? Baby, are you alright? I heard you screaming.” Gretchen asked her.

Alicia remained still for a while and then spoke, “I wasn’t. She was.”

“Who?” asked Gretchen as there was no one else in the room. Alicia said nothing and kept staring at the wall with a blank look on her face.

Thinking that she might have had a nightmare, Gretchen told her daughter to go back to sleep and patted her back till she fell asleep.

Morning arrived, but Gretchen couldn’t forget about last night. She was very confused because the scream she heard sounded like a woman.

Martin came inside the kitchen to have breakfast, and Gretchen told him everything about last night.

“She must have had a nightmare.” He said.

“That’s what I thought, but the scream didn’t sound like it came out of her.”

“Honey, you must be overthinking. I’ve got to go. You should wake Alicia up for school.” He got up from the chair as he finished his breakfast.

Gretchen wasn’t convinced, but she still stood up to wake her daughter up for school.

When she opened the door of her bedroom, she found Alicia already up, groaning in pain.

“What happened, sweetheart?” Gretchen ran towards her daughter in concern and sat beside her.

“I have stomach pain, mommy. It’s really bad.” She answered, still in pain.

“C’mon, we’ve got to take you to the hospital before it gets worse. Get up, baby.” Gretchen rushed outside to stop her husband from going to work.

The three of them went to the hospital to get Alicia checked up.

After the doctor did a thorough examination and ran some tests, he told the parents that there was nothing physically wrong with Alicia. This took them by surprise.

“But she was in some real pain the morning. She kept turning in her bed.” Gretchen told the doctor.

“Maybe she ate something bad last night, however, there are no signs of it, or maybe she feigned illness to skip school. You know how kids are!” The doctor told them.

They took Alicia back home, but Gretchen was really confused on her way back. Alicia was a good kid. She never did that before. After dropping them home, Martin went to work.

The whole day Alicia remained in her room. Gretchen tried to talk to her, but she was so closed off. “What happened to her overnight?” Gretchen Wondered.

In the evening, when she went into her room to call her for dinner, she gasped in fright at sight in front of her.

Alicia was all covered in blood. It looked like she had scratched her whole body. She was scratching her legs when Gretchen ran towards her. She held her hands to stop her from doing any more damage.

“Alicia? Alicia! Are you mad? What are you doing to yourself?” Gretchen shouted at her daughter, but she didn’t stop; instead, she pushed Gretchen off her.

Gretchen fell back on her back. She was shocked at the force she used to push her. Alicia wasn’t capable of such strength, so how?

Hearing the loud noises, Martin also came into the room. To say that he was appalled at sight in front of him would be an understatement. After he recovered from the shock, he helped Gretchen get up then went towards Alicia.

“What are you doing, baby? Stop it!” Martin tried to stop her.

Alicia looked up to her parents, and the look she gave them was enough to terrify them to the core. She was gritting her teeth and staring at them with so much anger. Both Martin and Gretchen didn’t know what to do.

After a minute or so, she calmed down and fell back on her bed. Her parents came near her only to find out that she had fainted. Never once in their life did they witness something like that. They cleaned up her injuries and remained with her throughout the night.

Alicia stayed quiet the next whole day. Her parents tried to talk to her, but she wouldn’t speak. They decided to take her to a psychiatrist.

Luckily, they knew a psychiatrist living a few doors away from their place. Gretchen and Martin didn’t waste another minute and went to meet him. John Mahoney lived in the town for years and knew this family very well.

He listened to everything they said and agreed instantly to help them out.

The next day, Martin and Gretchen took Alicia to the psychiatrist and left her with him.

John tried his best to make her comfortable with him. At first, she wouldn’t speak to him as well, but eventually, he managed to get a few words out of her mouth.

“Is there something you would like to tell me?” John asked her.

She remained quiet for a while, then spoke, “She is here.”

“Who?” Asked John

Before he could ask further, Alicia got up from her chair, picked a vase placed nearby, and threw it in John’s direction.

Luckily, John ducked her head just in time to save himself from getting hurt. He stared at Alicia with shock.

She was staring at him with her eyes red in anger and fists clenched so tightly that her knuckles were growing white like a corpse. After a moment, she calmed down and sat down on her chair as nothing had happened.

John kept staring at her then a thought came across his mind. Can it be..? He stopped himself from thinking any further and walked towards her.

“Alicia, can you please close your eyes for me?” He asked her softly.

Surprisingly, Alicia closed her eyes instantly.

“I’m going to touch your forehead and ask some questions. Please answer them truthfully.” John requested like he was speaking to an adult.

Alicia nodded her head. John started the conversation.

“How old are you?”


“Is there someone inside you?”


“Who is he? Or is she a woman?”

“I don’t know.”

“Can I speak to him?”

“He’ll get angry.”

“Do you want him to leave you? He might if I talk to him”


“I’m talking to the person inside Alicia. Who are you? Why are you here? Answer me now!”

Just as he spoke, Alicia began to growl in anger and screamed so loudly that the windows of the room started rattling.

However, John did not move from his place and kept asking.

“Why are you living inside Alicia? What purpose do you have?”

Alicia got up from her chair in pure rage and started throwing things on the ground. John came forward to stop her, but she punched him so hard that he fell back, and his nose started bleeding. Alicia was destroying the whole room in a way that a child wasn’t capable of. She was picking up the heaviest artifacts and throwing them across the room.

John himself was terrified, but he composed himself and tried to stand up. Just as he was gathering the courage to go near Alicia again, she fainted. He stared at her apprehensively, then picked her up and laid her on the sofa.

After a while, Martin and Gretchen came to the psychiatrist’s house to pick her up. They were surprised to see the room’s condition and Alicia fainted.

“You have to remain calm for what I’m about to tell you,” John stated.

Martin and Gretchen looked at him worriedly.

“I’m afraid Alicia is possessed with a demonic entity.”

“What? How is it possible?” Martin and Gretchen had a look of horror on their face when he said that. How can their innocent daughter be possessed with something so evil?

John told them everything that happened in the room. They were horrified by what they had just heard.

“Have you ever heard of exorcism? It’s a ritual in which a priest drives out the invading spirit from the person. It has worked in many cases. I suggest you don’t waste another minute and find a priest who can perform an exorcism.” John told them.

Martin and Gretchen remained quiet for a while before agreeing to his suggestion.

“Meanwhile, I’ll stay with her since I’m the only one she’s speaking with,” John said when they were about to leave.

The very next day, they went to meet a priest. After hearing everything, Father James agreed to help them.

“I will perform the exorcism tomorrow at midnight. Till then, you’ll have to make her drink this water.” He said as he handed a bottle to Martin and Gretchen.

Every time Alicia would take a sip of the water that Father James gave, she would vomit blood.

Martin and Gretchen couldn’t see their daughter in this state, but they were helpless.

Father James came to their house at the decided time to perform the exorcism, but before that, he needed to find out how the devil came inside her. The three of them, along with John, went inside her room.

Alicia’s hands and feet were strapped with the bed. Father James looked at her and his eyes fell upon the necklace she was wearing.

“It is the necklace. The demon’s necklace.” He started saying and went near her to remove it from her neck. Just as he was about to grab the necklace, Alicia freed her right leg and kicked him with so much force that he fell back, hitting his head hard on the floor.

“I will not go from her. You stupid man!” Alicia stated in the possessed voice.

Father James got up and started performing the ritual.

“You have to go. Leave her! Leave this innocent child this instant!” Father James shouted and threw some water on her.

“It burns. It burns.” Alicia started twisting and turning in the bed while groaning in pain and, after some minutes, fainted.

Father James went near her and carefully unclasped the necklace from her neck. Later, He burned it and threw the remains far from their home.

Alicia woke up feeling all okay after that night. However, she couldn’t remember anything from the previous days. Martin and Gretchen continued to send her to the psychiatrist for a few days to make sure she was all okay.


“So, you were her psychiatrist?” Susan asked in shock. She was terrified of the real story she had just heard.

“Yes, darling. So you see, that necklace reminded me of those horrible memories, which is why I wanted you to stay away from it.” John answered.

“That is one hell of a reason.” She said as she still couldn’t recover.

“Story’s finished. We reached home about an hour ago. It’s time we get out of the car. Let’s go inside.” They both went inside. Susan couldn’t concentrate on anything else. She kept thinking about it for days.