How Am I Aborting My Demon Babies By Digging Up The Buried Graveyard Verses?

Welcome to my new blog called Graveyard Verses

By Keya Reed

I have created this blog so I can share my stories, poems, personal haunting stories that I have experienced as well as other stories that I have come across that link to the paranormal mysteries that some of us seek to find the answers to. This blog should make it easier for you to read my work and I can engage with everyone better. You can also place your comments under the blog post I will post up.

I will also post more details of the videos and podcast episodes that air each week on The Devils Den Podcast on Spotify and the Wicked Majesty YouTube Channel.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

As I mentioned earlier, I will include more information regarding my YouTube videos. This includes the stories behind the poems I post. Juicy details behind the stories I narrate in my Tea & Terror Podcasts. Also, extra details in The Devil's Den Podcast Discussions. I will issue new post each week. So definitely be on the lookout for them. Some of these posts will only be available to my Patreon members and blog subscribers. Further information about joining my Patreon, subscribing to my blog and the perks you'll get will be available soon in another blog post.

Don't Let The Shadows Bite

Other than this new blog, there are other surprises that are in store for you to enjoy. For now my lovely dark souls, I must leave you. Good night. Sleep tight. Don't let the shadows bite.